Project summary

The idea of the project “Developing Cultural Awareness and Expression Competence through Cultural Heritage” responds to the objectives of the Nordplus 2012-2016 program - to promote Nordic/Baltic collaboration, cultural understanding and develop innovative products and processes in education through the best partner experience. The aim of the project – is to develop the competence of cultural awareness and expression with the emphasis on the unique national heritage in the following fields: national songs and dances, folk instruments, festive customs and traditions, symbolism, national costumes, traditional handicrafts, ancient architecture and culinary heritage. The aim of the project will be achieved in two ways: appreciating the cultural heritage of project partner countries, distinguishing similarities and differences, and adopting best practices of integrating cultural heritage into education, and modern life.

Project activities, forms and methods: international meetings, creative workshops, sharing good practice, comparative analysis, seminars, visits to sights of cultural heritage, preparation of visual/methodical material, creation of website and digital stories, recommendations and dissemination activities.

Target group: adult learners, adult educators, institutional heads and professionals in education and culture, local communities.

Intended results: the participants of the project will get acquainted with the cultural heritage of the project partner countries, and will be able to distinguish common and unique features of the Nordic and Baltic countries‘ heritage. The knowledge acquired during the project will strengthen cultural, social and civic awareness of other people's culture, as well as tolerance to history, traditions and languages of the Nordic/Baltic region. It will also open up new prospects for cooperation and development of adult entrepreneurial skills, the use of cultural heritage and its adaptability in modern life.